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​Adorable Dog and Baby Duo Practice Jumping Together

Whenever you're learning something new, it's always handy to have a friend to help you practice. For Alexis the baby, Daykota the dog is the perfect training partner for jumping.


Of course Daykota is attempting to savagely attack Alexis' shadow by pouncing on it to both shock it and smother it to death. But it's all pretty amusing to Alexis anyway.

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abidabi, THIEF OF JOY

Sorry to be a killjoy, but that looks like obsessive shadow chasing which can be a symptom of OCD-like behavior. It's at best mildly annoying and at worst can present significant training problems because the dog ignores normal reinforcement (attention, treats) because the drive to chase shadows/reflections is so strong. That isn't cute, it's worrying especially when presented so incorrectly (the dog isn't teaching the baby to jump in any way; the dog is attacking the moving shadow of the baby in the jumper).