Adorable Children Contemplate Eating Their Beloved Class Pet, Pablo

A class of New York City area middle schoolers has the opportunity for a genuine fish tank-to-table dining experience, but that pleasure will require the prior pain of gutting and filleting their class pet, Pablo the Tilapia.

A math teacher at the Ella Baker School, Michael Paoli has placed Pablo’s summer vacation fate in the hands of his students: they can either spare his life and deliver him to a fish farm or grill the sucker with Old Bay seasoning. What’s critical, Paoli says, is that the students understand their impact, “that their voice dictates what we do in this classroom.”


But will the love of babes prevent Pablo’s demise? Perhaps. One student remarks that “since [she] put him in the tank he’s like her own little child.” But another harbors far less affection: “No one cares about Pablo,” he declares.

Well Pablo, I care. But you do also look delicious.

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