Adorable Baby Shoves His Fingers Into Obama's Mouth

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President Obama spent part of his Christmas visiting with troops who are stationed at a Marine Corps Base in Hawaii. At one point he posed for a photo with 8-month-old Cooper Wall Wagner and his parents, Capt. Greg Wagner and Meredith Wagner. While Obama and his parents were all smiles, cute little Cooper casually reached up and jammed his chubby little hand into the President's mouth. Obama's reaction was pretty cute too, and he used the opportunity to make a joke at his own expense, saying Cooper must have been thinking, "I want some of that big nose."


Obama made a point of focusing on the troops this holiday, as was evident during the Obama's heartwarming Chrismas message. On Christmas Eve, he also made calls to 10 members of the military—while Mrs. Obama spent some time helping NORAD track Santa's progress. As for how they spent their Christmas, the First Family began by opening gifts at around 8 a.m., then they ate breakfast, and sang some carols before going to church. After visiting the Marines, they finished the night out with Christmas dinner at home with some friends.


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I can see the Fox News headlines now: Obama Reveals True Baby-Eating Nature, Tries to Devour Innocent Child's Fingers! The article will have a detailed explanation of how this is the ultimate proof that Obama is actually one of the aliens from V, complete with quotes from wingnut "experts" who have three or four self-published books about alien conspiracies out, and finish with the news that Alien!Obama hates Christians and is trying to destroy all the God-fearing people of the U.S., so the only way to defeat him is to make sure to never, EVER say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.