Baby Olivia may not be old enough to know what the mystery behind the identity of the Yellow King was all about, but she's old enough to smile adorably while someone takes pictures of her in recreations from the show and that's good enough for me.

The photos come courtesy of photographer and animator Karen Abad's Tumblr, who had some creative fun with a friend's baby:

This past week, I have been in Indiana visiting Cristina, Jon, and their wonderful baby, Olivia (Olive). Since it's been so cold and we've been home all week, Cristina and I decided to do a fun little craft project with Olivia. She is the smiliest baby ever, so trust me when I say that it was extremely difficult to get her to not smile.

Even baby Frank Underwood is menacing and evil:

BABY WALTER WHITE. I am dead. OMG I am deaaaaaaad.

Images via Tumblr.