This is the squee to end all squees, everyone.

This polar bear cub, living at the Toronto Zoo, is two months old and just took his first steps on Jan. 6. WARNING. Don't click through the links unless you want to die from looking at the cute pictures of him sleeping and snuggling.

The cub, born in early November and weighing in at 4.4 kg, is also teething on objects such as his blanket as his molars and incisors grow in, drinking milk six times a day and learning to lap milk from a dish. He is also playing.


OK, let's all speculate wildly about what kind of games a baby polar bear is "playing."

He can now open his eyes fully and focus on his surroundings, and he has been out of the incubator for a month now, becoming acclimatized to cooler temperatures. His whiskers are just growing in and he's developing a thicker coat.

I love him and I will now move to Toronto and be his friend forever. Thanks and goodbye.

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