Adopted 13-Year-Old Finally Gets His Very Own Newborn Photo Shoot

You might think the above photo is a result of some really hardcore helicopter parenting, but it's actually an incredibly heartwarming PSA for adopting older foster children. 13-year-old Latrell Higgins, adopted just two years ago by a family in Florida, had no cute baby photos to giggle over. So his family proposed a solution:

The family was sitting around the dinner table last month, when Higgins –- a professional photographer –- mentioned that she was preparing for an upcoming baby photo session. Latrell mentioned that he wished he had baby photos of himself.

Higgins' 12-year-old daughter asked, why not "recreate" a newborn photo shoot just for Latrell? The family had a good laugh thinking about him in all the newborn poses.


After Kelli Higgins posted the photo on her Facebook — captioned "Here's my sweet not so little newborn! His name is Latrell and weighs 112 lbs." — the photo went viral. But it's cool, because Latrell thinks the photos are hilarious and the comments are actually supportive.

Higgins said she's particularly psyched about starting a larger discussion about adopting older kids.

"The one reaction that is really humbling and I'm really excited about is there have been a lot of parents that come to me telling me that they were thinking about adopting a baby, but after seeing those photos it's changed their minds and they want to adopt an older child," she said.


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