Photo Credit: Getty Images

Did you know a record could go diamond? I, dear readers, did not. Apparently the terminology applies to records that have sold 10 million units (i.e. 10x platinum). This information is relevant because Adele’s 25 has gone diamond.

As Vulture reports, Adele is the second woman to claim the achievement of two diamond albums in the United States, and she is the only artist to do so in this decade. Moreover, Adele has beaten a personal record. Her album 21 took almost two years to go diamond; this time, Adele hit the 10 million mark in less than a year. Britney Spears also has two diamond albums to her name: 1999's ...Baby One More Time and 2000's Oops I Did It Again.

Oh, by the way, 21 is now 14x platinum, and “Hello” is 7x platinum. Talk about tapping into the zeitgeist: it seems Adele was precisely what millions of us needed at the precise moment she delivered. And that’s fine. I don’t love every song Adele releases, but I sure as hell love her. Let’s conclude with her most recent single, in which she wears the gown of my dreams and reminds us—with the simple flick of a hand—that she is not here for our bullshit.