Adele Short-Circuits Another Speaker System While Performing ‘All I Ask,' Stuns the Crowd Anyway

While performing “All I Ask” at this year’s Grammy Awards, Adele powered through an extended technical snafu—one involving fallen mics, piano wires, and failed backups—like a pro. Less than two months later, during a performance in Birmingham, the “All I Ask” curse struck again again.

As its second chorus began (at around 2:35 in the video above), the sounds from her performance—piano included—abruptly shut off, resulting in footage of Adele passionately mouthing the lyrics as superfans provide the audio. Fortunately, reports ONTD, the audio returned in time for the song’s killer key change.

It’s a wonderful image, isn’t it? A gown covered in sequins, a face filled with emotion, and stadium bursting at the seams with screaming fans—sort of how we like to imagine ourselves when lip-syncing to 25 in the shower after a long day.


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“...I weren’t mimin’...”

Love’s me some Adele.