Adele Says It's Brave Not to Have Children

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Adele has one child and it sounds like that’s all she’s going to have.

In a new profile from Vanity Fair, Adele comes off as a pretty grounded, normal lady who just happens to sing to auditoriums filled with thousands of screaming fans on a regular basis. She also talks openly about how hard being a mom is, postpartum depression, and the real heroes: childless women. After interviewer Lisa Robinson states that Adele is brave for having a kid in the middle of her very successful career, she says:

“Actually,” she says, “I think it’s the bravest thing not to have a child; all my friends and I felt pressurized into having kids, because that’s what adults do. I love my son more than anything, but on a daily basis, if I have a minute or two, I wish I could do whatever the fuck I wanted, whenever I want. Every single day I feel like that.”

Adele doesn’t seem interested in becoming a mom a second time when asked if she’s planning on making some brothers and sisters for four-year-old Angelo:

“I’m too scared. I had really bad postpartum depression after I had my son, and it frightened me.” Did she take antidepressants? “No, no, no, no. But also, I didn’t talk to anyone about it. I was very reluctant . . . . My boyfriend said I should talk to other women who were pregnant, and I said, ‘Fuck that, I ain’t hanging around with a fuckin’ bunch of mothers.’ Then, without realizing it, I was gravitating towards pregnant women and other women with children, because I found they’re a bit more patient. You’ll be talking to someone, but you’re not really listening, because you’re so fuckin’ tired.

“My friends who didn’t have kids would get annoyed with me,” she continues, “whereas I knew I could just sit there and chat absolute mush with my friends who had children, and we wouldn’t judge each other. One day I said to a friend, ‘I fuckin’ hate this,’ and she just burst into tears and said, ‘I fuckin’ hate this, too.’ And it was done. It lifted.”


Adele says her understanding of postpartum didn’t really fit what she was experiencing. She thought she’d want to hurt her kid of feel like a danger to him, but she was just feeling inadequate and miserable. How’d she deal? She says, “Eventually I just said, I’m going to give myself an afternoon a week, just to do whatever the fuck I want without my baby. A friend of mine said, ‘Really? Don’t you feel bad?’ I said, I do, but not as bad as I’d feel if I didn’t do it.”

Yeah, fuck it. Adele does what she wants, as she should, responding to a question about her boyfriend’s leg hair preferences with, “He has no choice... I’ll have no man telling me to shave my fuckin’ legs. Shave yours.”

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I fucking love how much she says fuck. Also, much appreciate her saying us childless women are brave. I get so many annoying comments about my lack of children...why don’t you have kids? When are you going to have kids? Don’t you want kids? What, you don’t have kids? Oh, you’ll change your mind, kids are the most important thing. (So, are you saying i’m a failure at life because I don’t have kids?)

Seriously, everyone...FUCK OFF! What if I can’t have kids? What if I got an abortion because I don’t want kids? Am I supposed to tell these nosy fuckers all my person shit? What if I just really don’t want to have kids? It was annoying when I didn’t have a partner, and now that i’m engaged, people say this shit even more. Nobody needs to worry about the state of my uterus but me, and my fiance.