Adele Drops New Single 'Hello,' Complete With Moody Video

Hello, it’s Adele, with her new single “Hello” and a moody, sepia-toned video. Opening shot: looking out a window filled with dead bugs. Welcome back, Adele!


The song, her first in three years, is one of Adele’s cry-it-out tunes rather than one of her show-stopping “fuck you, buddy” numbers. It follows the disintegration of a relationship, which Adele mourns while wearing a truly delightful shaggy coat. Prepare to express all your holiday feelings through passive-aggressive replays of this song, which is great.

The new album, titled 25, is scheduled for release on November 20.

Originally this post misstated the title of the song. It is “Hello,” not “Here.” This has not been my finest moment.


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The Noble Renard

Stop me if I’m wrong, but this is basically Adele singing about how she broke a guy’s heart, left town, and then decided to start calling him all the damn time even though she knows he’s moved on.

It's stalker ex behavior. Bad Adele!