Adele and Skepta Maybe Broke Up—Or Maybe They Didn't!

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I understand, in my heart and mind, that Adele and grime icon Skepta are probably not dating. The thought of it is absurd, and makes me laugh when I consider it for longer than I probably should. But what if they were dating? What if they had secretly squirreled away months in private? Could two people this famous hide all those beachside sabbaticals, ski vacations, and late-night drives to the liquor store? Unlikely. But still—what if? Why not live in this fantasy, even for the briefest of moments?


The Sun first reported last fall that Skepta and Adele were dating. They were both raised in Tottenham, North London, and had reportedly “been in regular contact” since her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki. The dating rumors never seemed to pan out, and the hypothetical relationship was lost to the sand of time. Now, the Sun has resurrected those rumors, and this time they think they have evidence.

In his new song “Mic Check,” Skepta raps: “When you’re fucking with me, they talk about you in the press.” This line, it seems, is enough to convince the Sun that Skepta is talking about Adele, even though it could be applied to anyone, including Naomi Campbell, who he was also rumored to be dating. But I can live with that! Skepta is famous. Adele is famous. Once, they were talked about in the press together. (Well, really just the Sun.) So it seems like it fits!

Unfortunately, the Sun also claims that they might have broken up—or are taking a break—if the song is any indication of their current relationship status. Like most fantasies, this one was short-lived! [The Sun]

RIP! Today, we mourn the loss of the @sussexroyal community, after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they will be closing their joint Instagram account, and “focusing on the chapter to understand how we can best contribute.” R.I.P.!

In a touching message to fans worldwide, the married famouses explained: “While you may not see us here, the work continues.” Thank god! What would we do without all those Getty Images at press events to sift through, or pictures of Meghan Markle waving?


People reports that a spokesperson for the couple claimed the website,, will “remain in existence online for the foreseeable future,” lest you still need your fix of Sussex-branded charity work. In addition, Sussex Royal will also be phased out of the branding for their charity work. Thankfully, the two will “retain their titles,” but “not actively use His/Her Royal Highness” when being addressed by the rest of us commoners. That’s nice! People also reports that Harry will keep his spot in line for the throne—sixth—should everyone else in front of him choose to vacate the position.

Good luck you two! I’m sure you won’t need it, but that’s just the sort of thing we say down here among the masses. [People]


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“Could two people this famous hide....”

Can someone please tell me who Skepta is? Asking for a friend, and millions of other people around the world.