In it, she asked Sandler to “pleaseee come back” to IHOP after she told him and a guest it would be a 30-minute wait for a table. HuffPost then confirmed with a publicist of Sandler Tuesday that he had, in fact, been to IHOP. In an interview with The New York Post on Wednesday, Rodas said: “It wasn’t until a customer walked in about 15 minutes later saying, ‘Adam Sandler was outside,’ when I realized I spoke to Adam Sandler!”

Wednesday, she updated eager TikTok commenters on how she had possibly not recognized a middle-aged comic famous for some movies he did at least a decade ago. According to Rodas, blame his beard and mask!


Only one question remains: Will Adam Sandler ever eat at an IHOP again? 

Lil’ Kim memoir update:

IT’S FINALLY HERE!! That’s right, the book, Lil’ Kim The Queen Bee Life Story. I’m so excited to announce my memoir dropping in November!! You thought you knew me but you have no idea 😉 Thank you @kath3000 and @hachettebooks for helping me get my story out. ❤️ Pre-order now at the link in bio.

No comment on the choice of cover.

Some cool news: Legendary is coming back! Some less cool news: It will still be hosted by Jameela Jamil, and Demi Lovato will apparently appear as a guest judge, for some unknown reason.