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Adam Rapoport Resigns As Bon Appétit Editor After Brownface Photo Shows Up Again

Illustration for article titled Adam Rapoport Resigns As iBon Appétit /iEditor After Brownface Photo Shows Up Again
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Adam Rapoport, the editor in chief of Bon Appétit, resigned on Monday after a photograph of him dressed in brownface resurfaced...again.


The photo, which depicts Rapoport and his wife Simone Shubuck on Halloween in 2003, commanded attention in a way that it unfortunately did not when Shuback herself tweeted it in 2013 with the caption “#TBT Me and my papi @rapo4 #boricua.”


Rapoport’s resignation was called for by many of the magazine’s staffers, who pointed out that the photo was only the most visible example of his failings. Sohla El-Waylly, a chef and assistant editor, wrote in a series of stories on Instagram that the photo is “just a symptom of the systematic racism that runs rampant within Conde Nast as a whole.”

“I’ve been pushed in front of video as a display of diversity,” she wrote. “In reality, currently only white editors are paid for their video appearances. None of the people of color have been compensated for their appearances.”

Rapoport wrote in a statement posted to Instagram that he had not “championed an inclusive vision” during his time as editor.


“And ultimately, it’s been at the expense of Bon Appétit and its staff, as well as our readers,” he continued. “They all deserve better. The staff has been working hard to evolve the brand in a positive, more diverse direction. I will do all I can to support that work, but I am not the one to lead the work. I am deeply sorry for my failings and to the position in which I put the editors of BA. Thank you.”

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