Ad for UN Women Campaign Duplicates Awful Google Search Suggestions

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This ad, created for the United Nations Women campaign (which is unfortunately shortened to the UN Women campaign), becomes more devastating when you realize that the Google search boxes are the results of genuine searches, and although the ad-crafting and Googling were all done by Christopher Hunt at Ogilvy & Mather in Dubai, Copyranter points out that some of the automatic results are the same in the U.S.


About the ads, Hunt says:

This campaign uses the world's most popular search engine (Google) to show how gender inequality is a worldwide problem. The adverts show the results of genuine searches, highlighting popular opinions across the world wide web.


The distressing thing about this is that it’s a no-copy-required ad. Or, a found-copy ad. Patriarchal culture filtered through individually misogynistic Google searches has written all the pithy copy required for the world to take a serious look at how generally far away people are from living in a world with true gender equality. So, if this work were to earn a Clio nomination, the patriarchy would be called up on stage to accept with Hunt, right? Obviously, you can’t get the whole patriarchy up onstage (it’s currently filming a new superhero movie), so Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets would have to accept on the patriarchy’s behalf before telling a story about how much they hate political correctness that began, “In my day…”

h/t: Copyranter

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This is sad and disturbing. I tried running these searches myself (from San Francisco, not Dubai) and got similar results:

Women need to
...know their place
...shut up controlled

Women cannot trusted pastors
...have it all

Interestingly, men don't fare a lot better with these search prompts. I got these gems running the same search for men.

Men need to
...feel needed
...grow up

Men cannot feminists trusted without women.

I guess maybe that's evidence that patriarchy isn't just a women's problem; it's a human problem. The negative views of either gender are harmful to both.