Ad Banned For Featuring Model With 'Highly Visible' Ribs

Britain's Ad Standards Authority has banned the web-based ad above, calling it "socially irresponsible." According to the media webisite Campaign,

The regulator said the model was visibly thin, with "highly visible" hip, rib and collar bones. She was photographed in heavy make-up and posed in a way that made her appear thinner.


By the by, the name of the advertiser? Drop Dead Clothing. Never heard of 'em before, but have now, so in a way, the ad worked.

The woman in the photographs may be naturally thin and incredibly healthy — that's not something you can know just by looking at her. But this is probably not the ideal bodyshape for most women on the planet. And one of the definitions of the the word model is "an example for imitation or emulation." So much of the "thinspo" movement involves this kind of emulation. And seriously, since studies show that looking at thin models makes women feel bad, why do advertisers so seldom choose any other kind?

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