Actress Sues Mag For Stripping Her Nude With Photoshop

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Pakistani star Veena Malik appears on the cover of FHM India wearing nothing but a "tattoo" of the letters "ISI" (a reference to a spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence). But Malik claims that when she posed for the photographer, she wore a bikini, hot pants and a thong — topless, but never fully nude. She's suing the publication for $2 million.


From the lawsuit's paperwork:

Our client had categorically informed each of you that by doing photo shoot, she does not want to pose nude in any photographs, which you readily agreed. You further assured our client that upon taking photographs, you would show the same to our client and that only on our client's approval, would you publish the said photographs in the said magazine.


Our client states that each of you have materially misrepresented to our client and have deceived our client and induced our client to take a photo shoot. You have further intentionally induced our client to take photographs with clothes on and have subsequently tampered with and / or morphed the photographs with a deliberate intent to cheat our client. Your act has caused damage and harm to our client's reputation in the profession in India as well as in her country of birth and the world. By your said act of publishing the said photo images which shows our client naked, our client states that you have caused irreparable harm, loss, damage to the reputation of our client and committed offence of defaming our client in the public. Our client states that you have thus committed offences punishable under the Indian Penal Code as well as Information and Technology Act, 2000.

As you may recall, earlier this year, Malik was accused of "shaming" Pakistan by appearing on the Indian TV show Bigg Boss. She eloquently responded to the anger of a religious leader.


The editor of FHM India claims Malik was nude throughout the shoot, and that the magazine has video proof. (Of course, it's entirely possible to doctor video as well.) It's clear that Malik is pushing the boundaries of what's considered appropriate for a Pakistani woman. But she also openly criticizes Pakistan and the way women are treated there, noting that there are never incidents of acid thrown on men, and women should have the freedom to wear a burqa or jeans. Now, a government official has informed the press that Malik might be tried in court or have her Pakistani citizenship revoked. Her own father has suggested that if she did do a nude shoot, she should be arrested. A Photoshop Of Horrors with actual horror.

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Wouldn't her pictures have been considered sexy regardless of whether she was fully nude or just topless (and therefore inappropriate in her home country)?