Accused Rapist Cab Driver Wants You to Know He's a Stand-Up Guy

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A week or so ago, New Orleans cab driver Sohail Khan allegedly raped a female passenger after she fell asleep in the back of his cab. But then—plot twist!—just two days later he totally did a guy a solid by returning his lost wallet! Sooo...he's pretty much breaking even, right? Sohail Khan, PR wizard, seems to think so:

Two days after he allegedly raped an unconscious passenger in the back seat of his taxi, a New Orleans cabbie refused a reward for returning another fare's wallet containing several hundred dollars. Instead, that passenger said, the driver, Sohail Khan, urged him to tell | The Times-Picayune about his good experience.

"I took out a $100 bill and without a beat, he says, 'No, no, no. I don't want any money. I represent New Orleans. If you can tell somebody about it that would be fine,'" recalled David Goldwyn, 54, a Washington, D.C., energy consultant who was in town for Jazz Fest. "He said, 'You could write something.' I said, 'Who do I write?' He said, ''"


Listen, man, this whole "alleged rapist" thing is really doing a number on my Yelp score. If you could just hop in there and write a review saying that not only did I not cover the in-cab surveillance camera and then creep into the backseat and violate your body like a slimy predator, I also returned your rightful property to you without leveraging it for reward money, that'd really help me get more people into my cab. Which is, clearly, a place where more people ought to be.

And the guy did it! He wrote a letter to the editor of the Times-Picayune, which was embarrassingly published the same day as a story about Khan's arrest. "I wanted to note Mr. Sohail Khan's grace and integrity," he wrote. "New Orleans is represented well.", a website affiliated with the Times-Picayune, later wrote up the story of Khan's stirring heroism under the headline, "New Orleans cab driver accused of raping passenger later did a good deed, rider says." Oh, he did a "good deed," you say? By not stealing a dude's wallet and then using it to extort good press in the wake of a brutal (alleged) rape? WELL BYGONES, THEN. Those two things certainly do deserve equal billing. I might have gone with "Our boneheaded paper didn't notice that we published a mash note to an alleged rapist on the same day we wrote about his arrest," but I'm just a blogger. (For the record, I have literally not-stolen-a-dude's-wallet-and-then-used-it-to-extort-good-press-in-the-wake-of-a-brutal-alleged-rape every day of my life so far. Can I have a headline too???)

Khan has been charged with rape and second-degree kidnapping.

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Since we're handing out medals for things we didn't do, today, I didn't seek out Sohail Khan to punch him in the face. Where's my prize?

Seriously, guys. If you cover the camera, you know it is wrong. What is the appeal of an unconscious woman? Particularly one you don't know? My mind immediately leaps to all of the potential diseases and pregnancies inherent in stranger-sex, and that's only if you can get past the unconscious part.

Somebody give this creep his $100 bucks. Maybe he can use it to buy himself some decency.