According to Men on Fox News, the DNC Is an 'Estrogen Cabal'

The Daily Mail has revealed a shocking and vast left wing conspiracy: the Democratic National Committee is lead by a bunch of women. During an appearance on Fox News, Daily Mail political editor, David Martosko, called the DNC an “estrogen cabal,” in which powerful women have banded together to fix the presidential race for fellow estrogen-haver Hillary Clinton.


Martosko’s theory of an evil estrogen cabal that controls the halls of the DNC is the result of a story he published in his newspaper on Thursday. The story is sourced from an unnamed “female committee member,” who said that “the party’s female leaders really want to make a woman the next president.”

The evidence of the estrogen cabal? DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s refusal to expand the Democratic primary debates beyond the currently scheduled six. This isn’t a particularly new story, Martin O’Malley has publicly criticized the decision, as has Representative Tulsi Gabbard, one of the five vice chairs of the DNC and an ostensible member of the estrogen cabal.

But hey, some liberal ladies are in positions of power, so it must be a conspiracy, not simply politics playing themselves out. Next time, just call them a coven, it’s cooler, seasonal (!), and more clearly relays what you’re really trying to say.



As a fellow Menopausal American, I’m pretty sure estrogen is not a big factor in Hillary’s day-to-day decision making.