'Accomplished' Goldman Managing Director Faces Rape Charges

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Goldman Sachs managing director Jason Lee is facing arraignment on charges of raping a woman at his rental Hamptons getaway this summer. His publicist says he's a “very accomplished individual” — as we all know, rich accomplished men always fully understand the meaning of sexual consent — who looks forward to clearing his name in court.

On his 37th birthday, Lee met a woman at a club, bought her drinks, and, later, allegedly raped her.

From Bloomberg:

Later at the house at about 4 a.m., the woman said, Lee was naked when he tried to follow her into a bathroom and he shoved the door with such force that she fell to the floor, where he pinned her down. She struggled and during the attack kneed him in the groin, she told police.


Last month, a grand jury indicted Lee on one count of first-degree rape; he was freed on $20,000 cash bail. He's been placed on leave from work.

Brian Desesa, an attorney representing Lee, said the case is a “huge travesty” and an “injustice.”



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jennyapples classic

Can I just point out that a ridiculous number Goldman employees are ranked as 'managing director'? I just looked it up and it's 7.2% that are MDs and 37.5% t hat are Vice Presidents. That's a lot of "accomplished" individuals. So sure this guy makes a lot of money but he is one of very, very many.

Small man with a bit of cash and a power complex, always a recipe for disaster/rapist.