Abraham Lincoln Posthumously Gives The Best "Bitch, Please" Look Of All Time

Illustration for article titled Abraham Lincoln Posthumously Gives The Best Bitch, Please Look Of All Time

[Washington, D.C., August 28. Image via AP.]


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I am at this very moment reading "The Wordy Shipmates" by Sarah Vowell and deeply enjoying the process of learning what this country's true founding fathers were truly about. And how second grade Thanksgiving pageants have misinformed generations of purposefully ignorant troglodytes - who wrap themselves in faux puritan flag-waving anti-intellectual sanctimony at events like this.

And deeply enjoying even more juxtaposition of that majestic bish plz delivered by one "long enough to reach the ground" Honest Abrahizzle to that toady Genn Bleck.

Back to my book.