About Those Jersey Shore Standards Of Beauty...

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The best efforts of nearly the entire cast of Jersey Shore — boys included — aren't enough to endow Us's Lindsay Powers with the bulbous abundance of Snooki's hair pouf. Guess their aesthetic isn't quite so achievable after all.

The video is a bit like a scene from a hospital drama where the surgery begins to go terribly awry. Everyone in the operating room fights panic and urgently suggests solutions. Ronnie: A Bump-It. Pauly D: More hairspray! J-Woww: More teasing! Sadly, the patient — or her stick-straight blonde hair — flatlines.


Snooki Shows Us How To Get Her Pouf! [Us]

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Zombie Ms. Skittles

I feel ya, Lindsay. My hair isn't stick-straight but it's super fine and wavy and thick and absolutely refuses to do anything at all. I'd need an industrial size Bump-It and a pot of hair wax to make it poof like Snooki's.