TMZ reports that Aaron Carter is being sued* for $50,000 by former employee John Cantu, who claims he developed and maintained without compensation. Too bad Carter took back that Trump endorsement; it would appear that the two have more in common than ever.


Carter reportedly claimed Cantu was an unpaid intern; Cantu responded by shutting down the website. Cantu says he will hand over the website once he receives payment for his services.

According to the New York Daily News, Cantu claimed he could not be given the title of ‘intern’ because he didn’t learn anything from Carter. Seems plausible! The Daily News reports that before shutting down the site, Cantu briefly replaced its contents “with a link to his personal Twitter account while urging visitors to ‘follow a genius.’”

Carter appears to have responded to the situation like a mature motherfucking adult, tweeting out a Gandhi quote:



*UPDATE, 7/22: John Cantu’s lawyer has emailed to let us know that there is not currently a pending lawsuit against Aaron Carter at this time. John Cantu would also like to be addressed by his real artist name, J. Carlie.