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A Young Christina Hendricks' Appearance on MTV's Undressed

Undressed was a late night soap that MTV ran from 1999-2002 and it was excruciatingly free of actual undressing. The show was pretty crappy, but it can claim to have given the world its first glimpse of Christina Hendricks.

Hendricks appeared in this 1999 episode from the show's first season playing a college student named Rhiannon who comes to L.A. to crash with her aunt with a fledgling rapper in tow. But, come on, no one ever watched for the plot lines.

[H/t to Count Ceci]


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This is a perfect counterargument to the ridiculous idea being floated around that women hit their peak at, say, 19 and their looks go downhill rapidly after 25. Hendricks is a hell of a lot hotter now than she was then.