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A Xena Reboot Is Coming, But Probably Without Lucy Lawless

Illustration for article titled A iXena/i Reboot Is Coming, But Probably Without Lucy Lawless

The reboot factory is rolling out yet another old television favorite: Xena: The Warrior Princess. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to see Lucy Lawless reprise her role as the former warlord-turned-hero. “I really couldn’t live that life,” Lawless said during the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour on Friday. “I look back, I’ve got all sort of wear and tear from that lifestyle. That’s just what happens to human bodies when they get used a certain way a lot. I actually couldn’t do it. I’m 47, but there’s somebody great out there.”


Totally understandable, but who can do justice to Xena’s famous battle cry?

Lawless does go on to say she would be interested in playing Xena again, just in a smaller capacity, reports EW. “I would love to do a reboot getting Xena, Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor), Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) and Jox (Ted Raimi) back together, get that crew back together to solve some ridiculous problem. I’d love to do a TV movie or a movie, a limited thing.” The reboot is in its early stages of development and is still seeking a writer.


The question is, how well would a Xena comeback do in this post-Game of Thrones world? Lawless focused on the characters of Xena and her sidekick, Gabrielle. “People still want that core friendship and I think whenever they reboot it, they have to get two women who really like and respect each other to carry that mantle. In whatever world you set it in, I think the friendship is what they’re underestimating.”

In the meantime, Xena fans can watch Lawless in another reboot, the upcoming Ash Vs. Evil Dead series with Bruce Campbell.

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St. Borg de Chupacabras ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I grew up watching Xena. As a little brown kid growing up in a time when women didn’t have as much freedom as now, Xena showed me that women can be strong and be fighters without needing a man. Xena and Captain Janeway seriously shaped my life.