A Woman Who Was Expecting a Yoga Mat in the Mail Received $400,000 Worth of Drugs Instead

Photo: AP (These people are doing yoga in Barcelona, far from the scene of the South Carolina woman’s bitter disappointment.)

You know that feeling when all you wanted was a little extra traction for stretching into meditative poses, then suddenly you’re kind of a drug mule?

It’s possible that only an unnamed South Carolina woman who tried to order a yoga mat from Walmart is acquainted with this particular sensation. WSOCTV reported on Monday that the woman received a package of 20,000 oxycodone pills worth $400,000, instead.


The woman told a local news channel that the pills were spilling out the sides of the package, so she didn’t hesitate to call the police.

According to local drug unit commander Marvin Brown, drugs are often shipped to vacant apartments; he speculated that whoever mailed the package meant to send it to the woman’s old—and, yes, unoccupied—address. Due to a misspelled address, the package was then in all likelihood forwarded to the woman’s current address, hence she did not receive the anticipated yoga mat.

Actually, the yoga mat isn’t really important to this story. I’m guessing it came eventually? More than anything, this is a tale of desire, and the building of anticipation when one orders something in the mail, then expects it. It’s the story of what happens when the fantasy of receiving a yoga mat, and then using it to do yoga on, is interrupted by a huge amount of drugs. It probably ruined her day.

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