A Woman Named 'Beautiful' Ate Nothing But Starbucks Food For One Year

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A woman named Beautiful Existence (to be precise), attempted and achieved a pretty unusual thing this year.

You know all those times in Starbucks when you rolled your eyes and grabbed that "protein box" because you were starving and were already so late to work you knew if you made an extra stop off at McDonald's for that McGriddle you would get nothing but shitty looks from your boss all day? Well, those food offerings at Starbucks gave one lady a unique idea.

Beautiful Existence (yes, that is her real name), started a 365-day challenge for herself in 2013 to eat nothing but the food served at Starbucks. Why in the world would she want to do this, you ask? Because she was curious, which is kind of awesome, really:

Existence, who is an employee and student at Bellevue College in Washington, informed Starbucks at the beginning of the challenge. She used her website, For 1 Year of My Life, to track her progress as she had done with previous challenges. Existence says in 2011 she shopped only at Goodwill and in 2012 she followed the advice in Parents magazine and applied it to her life.

"I just have a natural curiosity to find out about companies and how things work in the world," Existence told USA TODAY Network.


According to the interview with USA TODAY, the meals cost her about $500-600 per month, which is not too shabby when you're basically eating out every single day. Existence also said this challenge was harder than the previous ones and some meals, like her Bistro Box Thanksgiving meal, left a lot to be desired. (Oh girl, I know that feel.) And what did she opt to eat after an entire year of eating nothing but Starbucks? She headed to Seattle's Ivar's for some fish and chips. Awesome!

Annnnd now I have a craving for that Starbucks chicken salad sandwich thing.

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Just give this woman the book deal she so wants. For fuck's sake....