A Wealthy San Francisco Suburb Has Sued a Woman Over Her Adorable Flintstones-Inspired Home

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In 1976, Hillsborough, California architect William Nicholson designed a 2,730-square-foot replica of the Flintstones home, complete with dinosaurs on the yard and a giant “Yabba Dabba Do” adorning the back lawn. In 2017, the 84-year-old Florence Fang bought the property for $2.8 million. Visible from the traffic-prone 280 highway, for years, the home has been considered a unique landmark in North California. According to SF Gate, it might not be for much longer: the wealthy town of Hillsborough (where the median household income is over $200,000 a year) has sued Fang, claiming that her property is “a public nuisance and an eyesore.” They stipulate Fang installed stairs and figures on her lawn “without the necessary permits.”

Fang has allegedly ignored three work-stop permits from the city, including an administrative order to remove her dinosaurs. “Whether she is building a project with amusing cartoon characters or Rodin statues or anything else, she still has to go through the process like everyone else,” Hillsborough attorney Mark Hudak said. Angela Alioto, a representative for Fang, added “Mrs. Fang has made people smile, she’s giving them joy. What’s not to love about Dino, who acts like a dog? What is wrong with these people? They want everything removed. They want the dinosaurs removed. They wanted her to put a tree in front of the dinosaur, so you couldn’t see the dinosaur.”

Let Fang enjoy her home! I can not begin to imagine what it’s like to be so wealthy, you hate fun and want to sue a senior citizen. If only the property was located in a much more pleasant neighborhood, far from the cursed rich hills of the Bay Area...

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She bought it for $2.8M?

Ooh, I hope the inspector checked the elephant dishwasher . Them things are expensive to replace.