A Vintage Birth Control Method Is Back

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Are you a fan of the retro-inspired? Is your vagina? If you’re into the old-school and non-hormonal birth control, you might be interested in Caya, a new version of the diaphragm. Unlike old-timey diaphragms, Caya comes in one size, which, due to its anatomical and ergonomic shape, will fit most women. It also has modern features like a coiled, nylon spring and a removal tab, which will make it easier for women to remove after intercourse.


The usage of diaphragms as a form of birth control have vastly decreased in recent years, reports Bust. The creators of Caya hope to change that, so it can be sitting with the popular kids like IUDs and birth control pills. Only thing is, when used incorrectly, the diaphragm is only 88 percent effective while IUDs are at 99 percent and birth control pills are at 94 percent. When used correctly, it has the same effective rate as the pill.

For those of you who like me, have never used a diaphragm before, this is how it works: the shallow, silicone, dome-shaped cup is inserted into the vagina. When correctly put in place, the diaphragm covers the cervix, preventing sperm from entering. You also use spermicide in conjunction with the diaphragm for additional protection, by putting a small amount of it in the cup before insertion. Caya states that their product must always be used with their Caya-branded contraceptive gel. According a press release, the FDA cleared Caya for the U.S., and is now available through prescription from healthcare providers.

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Lilly (Hungry hungry hipster!)

Okay I was excited about this until I got the the “for prescription” part. What is this shit? Why would this need a prescription? I’m in the pill but it would be novel and nice to be able to just buy my BC at the store and not at the pharmacy. :\

ETA: I was thinking this would be nice to use as a secondary form instead of condoms (if I’m with a partner I trust obvs), but the fact that I would have to talk to my doctor makes me unlikely to get it. :(