Uh, sure. I mean, Catherine Black’s characterization is a little too on the nose, given Linton’s real-world reputation as a shameless braggart who thoughtlessly flexed labels like Hermes, Valentino, and Tom Ford while accompanying her husband on work trips to some of the poorest states in the nation... but fine!


It looks like a charmless Mr. and Mrs. Smith: the trailer is largely comprised of gratuitous shots of an oh-so-slender Linton doing SoulCycle (something she loves in real life too), playing with knives, and indulging in her apparent nymphomania while Westwick offers a smidge of comic relief and gets his ass kicked. Linton, a Scot, struggles to sell a... whatever that accent is supposed to be. Westwick’s entire presence in this vanity project just screams Hollywood fall from grace. And the ’80s soundtrack, title fonts, and lighting reek of an Atomic Blonde rip off. This begs the question: Is this camp or is this just sad?

Me You Madness might have the qualities of a reviled cult favorite, a movie that’s so bad but so deliciously fun to watch. But the Westwick allegations and Linton’s loathsome behavior during the Trump era might make this just a little too hard to truly enjoy. It’s easier, instead, to speculate about how awful this Lousie Linton joint will be compared to the movies Mnuchin produced. He might have been a feckless Trump ride-or-die, but he did finance some genuinely good movies: Mad Max: Fury Road, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Lego Movie, and more. Linton has this to add to the Mnuchin Extended Universe. Godspeed.