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A Ten-Day March from Charlottesville to Washington Is Set to Begin Monday

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A few hours ago, a coalition which started in Charlottesville announced “The March to Confront White Supremacy,” a ten-day march which starts on Monday, August 28th in Charlottesville, VA, passes by Confederate sites along the route, and culminates in an occupation in Washington, DC on Wednesday, September 6th. The march is broken up into an average of roughly 12 miles per day, but participants may choose however many days they wish. This sounds like the potential beginnings of another Occupy Movement, as the DC occupation will continue for an indeterminate amount of time:

Starting on September 6th, we’re taking over Washington DC. We will hold our ground and launch wave after wave of nonviolent civil disobedience demanding Trump be removed from office and that an agenda be advanced that heals the wounds of white supremacy. This will be a sustained civil disobedience campaign, so bring what you need to stay.

A spokesperson for the coalition tells Jezebel that the march began with students and churches in Charlottesville and quickly picked up coordinating groups including the Women’s March, Working Families, the Action Group Network, United We Dream, Color of Change, and others.

While Nelini Stamp of the Working Families Party, an endorsing organization, declined to comment on an occupation-type event, she did say that this will likely have a “very different look and feel” than the Occupy Movement did.


“One of our organizing principals is having the most impacted communities front and center, and in this case those are communities most impacted by white supremacy,” which means, for example, people of color and the Jewish community. “Especially since we have a lot of a clergy, the spirituality of different faiths will hold a different center, I think,” she added.

Here’s the timeline, from the site:

Monday, August 28th – Charlottesville to Commonwealth, 3.5 mi.
Tuesday, August 29th – Commonwealth to Ruckersville, 13.2 mi.
Wednesday, August 30th – Ruckersville to Madison, 12.0 mi.
Thursday, August 31st – Madison to Culpeper, 17.6 mi.
Friday, September 1st – Culpeper to Remington, 11.6 mi.
Saturday, September 2nd – Remington to Calverton, 11.0 mi.
Sunday, September 3rd – Calverton to Manassas, 14.6 mi.
Monday, September 4th – Manassas to Fairfax, 13.7 mi.
Tuesday, September 5th – Fairfax to Falls Church, 8.2 mi.
Wednesday, September 6th – Falls Church to D.C., 8.0 mi.


Logistics have been planned. According to the site, food, water, and snacks will be provided, as well as housing, mainly by churches along the route, which is plotted out here. They also promise to move your luggage. Bring comfy shoes.