A Swedish Power Plant Is Running On Discarded H&M Clothes

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

A power plant in the Swedish city of Vasteras has decided to stop burning coal and oil and becoming a fossil-fuel free facility in the most Swedish way possible: by burning old H&M clothes.

The plant, Bloomberg reports, is also burning wood and trash, but I can imagine it’s those 30% rayon, 30% polyester, and 40% spandex peplum skirts and mini-dresses that are really keeping those fires burning. The clothes received by the plant are also simply not up to H&M’s code, such as items with mold or those that don’t comply with the company’s restrictions on chemicals, according to a representative for H&M Sweden.

I would say this is an excellent solution for the mountains of discarded fast-fashion items and waste that are piling up around the world, but since H&M is a Swedish company producing all this waste, the whole process seems like a snake eating its own tail. But props to Vasteras for ditching the coal!

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“those that don’t comply with the company’s restrictions on chemicals”

Tell me how burning clothes that don’t meet some fast-fashion behemoth’s restrictions on chemicals is any better than burning dead dinosaurs.