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A Special Fourth Of July Evening Social: Work!

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Oh, did you think we’d make it through July the Fourth without one single Hamilton post? Never fear my, babies. For here are the Schuyler Sisters, in the middle of their Tony Awards performance, reminding you to work — whatever that may mean for you tonight (I hope it’s figurative).


And, if yours is a low-key Independence Day, grab your beverage of choice, crank up the Greatest Soundtrack in the World, and enjoy the camaraderie on this thread. While you’re at it, perhaps discuss how it is possible that Renée, Phillipa, and Jasmine always look so damn fly. Practice your three-part harmonies. Because, you know, that could be enough.

Images via Getty, Twitter. Video via YouTube.

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Hey Jezzies, how did y’all dress yourself after getting your first “grown up” job? I just survived my first week and want to splurge on some new dress pants, because they’re going to be super necessary for the new job but I’ve realized I have no idea how to dress like a grown up person with a real job. My last job was with 5 year olds and I wore jeans all the time.

The new job is at in an office but I work with getting funding for our organization so I go out and talk to people who made decisions concerning this all the time, so jeans aren’t going to work. Suggestions for how to start? Or where to look? I’m not rolling in cash and haven’t gotten my first paycheck yet.