A Sexy Reindeer, Dressed As A Bumblebee

Illustration for article titled A Sexy Reindeer, Dressed As A Bumblebee

Josh Siegel brings you animal art every Monday. Add your own requests in the comments, and maybe Josh will draw an animal for you.

For rollsnideroll, "a reindeer trick or treating, dressed as a bumblebee." It was later requested that the bumblebee be "sexy". But who's really being sexy — the bumblebee or the reindeer? Mysteries of life.


Check out more of Josh's drawings on his Tumblr.

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barelylethal: shitass

I wanted to sexy it up!

I'm totally piggybacking off of rollsnideroll but I'm so extremely happy right now! I read the PSU piece, the bullying piece, the eugenics piece, and the child abuse piece today but I have the biggest grin on right now!