A Senior Center Threw $500,000 Back in Roger Ailes' Face

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In a shocking upset, senior citizens have refused pandering from someone connected to Fox News. Over 400 residents in the Hudson Valley have signed a petition to refuse half a million dollars from Roger Ailes for their center.


On Tuesday night, the Putnam Courthouse was at standing room only as the Legislature discussed plans to accept a donation from Roger Ailes and his wife Elizabeth Ailes’ charitable foundation ACI Senior Development Corp (which is an insanely evil sounding non-profit name). The scene was first reported on by the Putnam County News and Recorder, which the Star Tribune notes is actually published by Elizabeth Ailes.

Therefore, the paper’s view on the situation is somewhat skewed. Complaints from Philipstown residents are explained by the sentence, “Earlier in the month, an employee whose contract was not renewed, Gretchen Carlson, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes. Ailes has been under vicious attack since then, though he has not yet been able to speak to defend himself.”

They do mention the many complaints lodged by citizens during the open floor discussion of the proposal, but preface it with, “Mr. Ailes, who was not present to defend himself, came under hostile fire when speaker after speaker criticized him.”

Here are some of those criticisms:


“The name of Roger Ailes is not appropriate or acceptable for a senior center.”

“This man is giving $500,000 to buy his way to heaven!”

PCNR notes that several charities have reached out to Elizabeth and Roger Ailes about the money, and though they’d hoped to give it to Philipstown, it’s clear that for “political reasons their funding is not welcome.” They have withdrawn the money and cancelled the contributing agreement.

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Power to those people honestly, I don’t know if I could be strong enough to not take the money