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A Runoff Election For The Next "It" Sweet

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Our recent poll to determine the next "it" sweet merely showed how narrow-minded we were. Your many delicious write-in candidates have revealed the error of our ways — and necessitated a runoff.


To be honest, I didn't put whoopie pies in the original poll because I thought they were already over — after all, the Times wrote about them over a year ago. But so many commenters tagged them as the next big thing that I've decided to put them up against macarons, who officially topped the earlier poll with 33.5% of the vote. Also in the runoff are several more delicacies, chosen based on write-in popularity and whether I think they are good. Note: I did not select the write-in candidates "barf" or "snobby ice cream bullshit," but I did laugh.


Cast your vote, or lose your chance to help determine what taste treat we'll all be complaining about next year. You have until tomorrow, June 24, at 11 PM to make this all-important decision.

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Am I the only one that finds macarons to be too sweet and incredibly chalky? Have I just had bad ones?