A Reminder That Dinosaurs Were Real (How???)

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Right where you’re standing, sitting, or squatting, a very large dinosaur may have been stomping around millions of years ago, just living life and experiencing love before meeting its fateful demise, making way for the evolution of humans. Now and again, some cool news surfaces to remind us of this crazy fact: Dinosaurs used to exist. Dinosaurs. From baby ones to big ones that took up a lot of space and look like monsters (to us).


Adding to the wild fact that dinosaurs were real to begin with is the thought of their huge bodies. Dinosaurs were big. And they left much evidence of their bigness after the asteroids killed them all off, an event that dinosaurs in heaven refer to as “That Thing...” whenever they talk about it. Dinosaur news is undeniably great because it makes us think about how dinosaurs existed. Again, dinosaurs once walked the Earth.

Let me get to the point. The latest discovery is what paleontologists tell us is the biggest dinosaur footprint ever found, in an area of Australia literally known as Jurassic Park because of all the dinosaur stuff found there.

1) First, it’ll behoove you to know that there’s a journal titled the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 2) A series of dinosaurs footprints were found along the coast of Australia. 3) Australia has everything. 4) One of the dinosaur footprints, measuring 5 ft. 9" is the largest ever recorded. 5) It belongs to the sauropod, which had a long neck. 6) The sauropod is a dinosaur. 7) Dinosaurs actually existed.

8) This is insane.

This was all possible because of the Goolarabooloo people who’ve long known about the footprints and worked with researchers to identify them. The Washington Post notes that “the tracks also provide the first evidence that spiky tailed stegosaurs lived in the land down under.”


Imagine it. These huge reptiles that ruled the land. No humans in sight because humans did not yet exist, so the dinosaurs were alone. The dinosaurs ate plenty. They thrived for a long time. Until...That Thing.

The finding’s lead author, paleontologist Steve Salisbury, told Gizmodo:

“The tracks provide a snapshot, a census if you will, of an extremely diverse dinosaur fauna. Twenty-one different types of dinosaurs all living together at the same time in the same area. We have never seen this level of diversity before, anywhere in the world. It’s the Cretaceous equivalent of the Serengeti. And it’s written in stone.”


Yes, 21 types of dinosaurs, among the many that were, in fact, real. Let me remind you that this is crazy to think about.

And when we see only ONE set of footprints, we should know, it was then that the dinosaurs were carried.

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i’ve known dinosaurs were real since i was little. before i even was in school and learning science.

how? you ask.

because when i was in the car with my mom and dad, on our way to grandma and grandpa’s, or cincinnati, tennessee, i would stare out the window and watch the indiana scenery roll by. and i thought that each hill that i saw had been formed as grass and plants grew on top of the decomposing body of a dinosaur. the REALLY big hills were probably brachiosauruses; the smaller were raptors and the like.

i am approaching my 31st birthday and still think of hills as dinosaur graves to this day.