You may have noticed a slight change in the look of our comments recently. Here's the deal:

Seeing only "featured" comments is now the default setting for all Gawker Media sites. Featured comments are ones left by star commenters or promoted by an editor or star commenter. Of course, if you want to see all of the comments, it's easy: You can click "Show all discussions" to see all comments on a post, or click "Expand all threads" to see all replies. Soon, you will only have to click once to make it stick, but for now, you'll have to click the option you prefer in each post you read. (They're working on making it stick.)

In addition, you can see all comments by going to your commenter profile and changing your settings:

When you go to your commenter profile and click the "Settings" link, you get a pop-up in which you can select your default settings. Easy!


When there's some progress made with the "expand all threads" option, we'll let you know.