A Quarter of American Men Have Cancer-Causing Strains of HPV

University of Miami pediatrician Judith L. Schaechter, M.D. (L) gives an HPV vaccination to a 13-year-old girl in her office at the Miller School of Medicine on September 21, 2011 in Miami, Florida. Photo via Getty Images.

Good reminder that people who fret that giving girls Gardasil will make them “promiscuous” can go kick rocks: New research says a quarter of men have the cancer-causing strain of HPV, as do 20 percent of women.

NBC News reports on the latest numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics. Good reminder to book an appointment, if you or your kids are within the range of ages where it’ll do some good:

The team looked at large national health surveys, which included HPV tests, taken in 2011 through 2014.

In 2013 and 2014, 45 percent of all men aged up to 60 had some sort of HPV strain and 25 percent had one of the strains that can cause cancer. Close to 40 percent of women had any type of HPV and 20 percent had a cancer-causing strain, the researchers reported.

About 4 percent of all adults had an oral infection with a cancer-causing strain of HPV.


Of course not everybody with the cancer-causing strain will get cancer, but why spin the roulette wheel when you could just get a vaccine?

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