A Preview Of Bloody James Franco On General Hospital Set

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Here's a kind-of gruesome photo of an upcoming scene from General Hospital that has James Franco back in the role of Robert "Franco" Frank. The scene: Franco on the ground with blood everywhere around him, Jason Morgan with a gun in his hand, serious faces. The gun may or may not have belonged to Jason. Last we heard, "Franco" had an obsessive crush on Jason, but have since stopped watching regularly as to invest all of my time to watching the last days of canceled All My Children and One Life To Live on cable to keep up.


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1. Jason Quartermaine hasn't existed since he lost his memory and became 'Jason Morgan'. Had I known back then during my GH-loving heyday that this was to be a permanent thing and not just a great storyline, I'd have saved myself the trouble of tuning back to see a shell of this show's former glory.

2. Much as I do love James Franco (and his nutty Heath Ledger as Joker impression on this show), it's not enough to tune in back to this fuckery. Once Brenda left back in July, I went along with her.

3. I've been behind on my All My Children (sorry, I had to take a sabbatical after they dangled Greenleo in front of my face only to cruelly slap it by telling me that Leo was just a dream and Ryan is Greenlee's true love), but One Life to Live has been my crack lately. Original Todd being back and Frodd being revealed as Victor Lord, Jr. has been making my soap-loving world.