A Powerball Reimbursement Crowdfunding Page Was Shut Down, Probably a Hoax

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A Tennessee woman by the name of Cinnamon Nicole—or a person of unknown name and origin who was trolling for slightly uncomfortable laughs—has had her GoFundMe “Powerball Reimbursement Fund” page shut down by the website, for undisclosed reasons. As fundraising for dumb ideas isn’t against their terms of service, I’m guessing the page was a straight-up hoax. It read:

Please help me and my family as we have exausted all of our funds. We spent all of our money on lottery tickets (expecting to win the 1.5 billion) and are now in dire need of cash. With your small donation of at least $1.00, a like and one share, I’m certain that we will be able to pick ourselves up from the trenches of this lost and spend another fortune trying to hit it big again! PLEASE, won’t you help a family in need. DONATE NOW.

****If you donate now, I will shout you out as my MCM or my WCW.

As some commenters noted, there are some clear suggestions that this is a joke: “spend another fortune trying to hit it big again,” MCM, etc. Others did not find it funny.

What do you need 600 million (after taxes) for? To make 600 more babies that you can’t really afford? I can’t stand people like you that make us look like shit. I am a hard working Black Man and strive to better myself and my career everyday - Meanwhile you are sitting on your fat Black ass expecting a handout from somebody. Fuck You!

Fuck You!s and jokes aside, “Cinnamon Nicole” raised $810 before the page was shut down. That money has now been refunded to the donors.

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Canadian Bandit

The prevalence of gofundme campaigns really irks me. It feels like every news story I read now has a gofundme link at the bottom of the page, and its so opportunistic.

Maybe I’m heartless, maybe I’m right, or maybe its just Monday.