A Nurse Stripped Off His PPE to Have Sex With a Covid-19 Patient in Indonesia

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Image: Hafidz Mubarak A (AP)

A nurse in Indonesia has been suspended after he apparently stripped out of his PPE to have sex with a covid-19 patient in a hospital bathroom. Truly the romantic tale we needed to cap off this special year.


The story came to light after the patient posted details of their tryst on social media, including a screenshot of sultry messages between the two. From The Sun:

After the post went viral, the man was questioned along with the nurse that he allegedly had sex with.

Both admitted they had met for sex in a toilet at the Wisma Atlet quarantine facility in Jakarta – a former Olympic athlete’s accommodation village that was transformed into a Covid-19 hospital earlier this year.

The patient - who later locked his social media accounts - also posted a picture of the nurse’s PPE strewn across the floor as the pair got steamy.


As a result, both men were arrested. Officials say they could each face criminal prosecution under the country’s strict pornography laws, even though the patient’s posts were not actually pornographic. Human Rights Watch has accused Indonesian authorities of using the law to target LGBTQ people in the conservative country, which does not specifically criminalize homosexuality, but does not protect its LGBTQ population, either.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has recorded a total of 727,000 covid cases, with 21,703 deaths.


Carioca LDN

This story doesn’t make sense on so many levels. Are these two deliberately trying to destroy their lives by any means necessary? Leaving the tryst out of the equation (because I can’t even begin to comprehend how A NURSE would purposely expose himself - to covid and to a patient and to job loss and to prosecution), the mind boggles as to why they would then publicise this on social media. In Indonesia?!? An ultra-conservative Muslim country where the ‘purity’ police go around with batons to separate young unmarried couples that are *gasp* holding hands out of wedlock!!

I reckon they have a good chance getting off (no pun) on an insanity plea. In fact, when initially questioned by authorities, they would probably have gotten away with saying all those social media posts were an elaborate prank, and “of course nothing really happened in the bathroom - that would be crazy! And would we really post about it if it happened??”