A New BBC Doc Reportedly Reveals British Vogue's Editor Pulled One Over on Anna Wintour

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Hot Goss Alert!Hot Goss Alert!Hot Goss Alert!

You may have noticed that in April, Rihanna graced the cover of both UK Vogue and American Vogue. This seemed, to many, like a testament to Rihanna’s electric star power, and a purposeful double-up:

But it was actually due the wiley machinations of UK editor Alexandra Shulman. According to The Daily Mail, the upcoming BBC documentary about British Vogue reveals that Shulman had nabbed Rihanna for May’s cover. But when she heard that Anna Wintour had planned an April shoot with Riri, she pushed Rihanna’s cover up, giving Kate Moss the boot from UK’s April frontispiece.

There’s since been fall-out over this news reaching the public:

Word now reaches me that just hours after I reported their rift will be exposed in a forthcoming BBC Vogue documentary, Shulman’s team were blocked from last night’s in-house screening of the show.

Yesterday morning, emails were fired out in a hurry to staff, reminding them the preview was for contributors only. The Beeb still has time to cut any reference to the rivalry in the documentary, which airs in a week’s time.

A BBC spokesman tells me: ‘The preview is not a final version and the commentary is still being finalised.’

This Hot Goss was originally reported by a ‘Sebastian Shakespeare,’ if that is his real name. No word on how Kate Moss took all of this.

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Sparky Polastry

“No word on how Kate Moss took all of this.”

I’ll take a stab at it.....with a glass of wine and a double-thick line of blow?