A Moment With The Awesome 101-Year-Old Lady Who Walks To Work Every Day

Sally Gordon was born in 1909, has worked all her life, and has no plans to retire. Also, she has excellent taste in hats.

Raise your hand if you feel lazy! The best: "I used to be a model," she says, "now I'm more like a model T."



This makes me really sad because it reminds me of my great grandmother who was born the same year as this inspiring woman and died at the age of 100. My great grandma was probably the craziest, funniest, most inspiring woman alive and I don't know how to get through without her sometimes. She was really my rock as a teenager because she didn't care about anyone's opinion and stood for women doing all they wanted to make themselves happy.

She left behind my grandmother, who is another rock and a strong, stubborn soul much like her mom (although don't tell her that!). She will always be missed and made it through two world wars, a great depression, raising 3 children, having various lovers and marriages, and breast cancer at age 85. She was beautiful inside and out.