A Man Bun Gets Cut Off in the Season 3 Trailer for UnREAL

After two seasons of digging into everything about The Bachelor franchise and its maniacal manipulation, UnREAL is centering its third season around a woman suitor—a “suitress”—and here is the trailer.


For Season 3, which premieres February 26, Caitlin FitzGerald (formerly of Masters of Sex) stars as Serena in UnREAL’s heavily orchestrated fictional dating show Everlasting, which has more than a few opportunities to take jabs at the Bachelorette franchise. The move is, as previously reported, designed to “shake up the show,” which was certainly in need of different direction after Season 2, which focused on a black suitor.

The third season’s trailer dramatically plays up the idea of a single woman calling the shots (if you can imagine such a scenario) while hot men engage in dude fights over her (a man bun gets cut off!)—all under the guidance of the savage Rachel and Quinn dream team. “I thought women were dramatic,” Quinn says.

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