A List of the Very Best Winter Coats

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Winter officially begins on December 21, but weather-wise, it's already here. Now that we've sorted out which boots are the best, we're moving on to coats.


The ideal winter coat is very warm, easy to layer under, easy to move in, not too bulky and, ideally, something attractive enough that you don't feel like a troll while wearing it. Oh, and it should be for sale right now, for those of us who require immediate gratification.


To keep things organized, please format your entries thusly:


Description of item, price, link to/name of retailer.

Additional notes.

Don't forget the image!

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Laura Beck

Vaute Couture. Everything. All the time. They're a little expensive but excellent investment pieces because they're crazy warm, built to last, kind to animals, made of recyclable and recycled fibers, and produced ethically and locally (New York City). Favorite.