A follow-up the BBC’s wildly popular documentary series Planet Earth is coming to television screens in the near future, and there’s plenty to be excited about. First, it was shot in UHD, which is roughly 4x the resolution of regular old HD video. Second, Variety reports that David Attenborough will return as narrator. Third, its opening theme song will be a remixed version of Rihanna’s “Work,” entitled “Earth.”

Apart from that last piece of information, which is sadly untrue, all this is great news for lovers of nature, soothing voices, and weed. But the BBC really missed the boat when choosing a name for the series, and settled for the expected title of Planet Earth II.


As Kanye West recently taught us, it’s never too late to change a title, so here are some options I think they should consider.

  • Planets Earth
  • Planet Earthier
  • Another Planet Earth
  • Even More Planet Earth
  • Now That’s What I Call Planet Earth
  • After the Planet Earth
  • 2 Blue 2 Green
  • Pretty Little Planet Earth
  • 2lanet Earth
  • Planet Earth: Even Higher
  • International Planet Story: The People v. Planet Earth
  • Planet Earth Is Bae
  • Dancing With the Planet Earth
  • The Life of Earth
  • Planet Earth: Yes, David Attenborough Is Still Alive
  • 3rd Rock From the Sun
  • Lee Daniels’s Planet Earth
  • The Hills
  • Planet Earth: Prepare Your Vapes
  • Welcome Back, Planet Earth
  • It Earth
  • Lip Sync Battle
  • Damnnnn David: Back At It Again With the Planet Earth

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Image via NASA