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A Hilarious Lesson from George Takei: Nature Is All Kinds of Gay

Conan O'Brien, that beautiful ginger tree trunk of a man, is currently running a segment in which viewers attempt to catch mistakes in his show. He, Andy and a special guest expert then refute the correction and prove that they were right from the get-go.


A fan named David recently sent in a video calling out Conan for a logistical error in his dance moves:

"During the opening monologue, you did that cool, Michael Jackson moonwalk across the screen..but then shortly afterwards you did your classic canoe bit, but when you turned back to face the audience, you pulled the oar across the front of you. CONAN, THAT'S NOT HOW WATER WORKS! To turn the boat, you have to move the oar in the opposite direction. Even I know that and I'm gay."


David might possibly be the most charming person ever, but he is wrong.

To prove it, Conan brought out paddling expert, gay icon and favorite human of the internet George Takei to set the record straight.

"David, my dear misguided friend," Takei responded. "I'm afraid you don't understand the basic principles of nature. You see, water works differently for straight people."

He then went on to explain why.

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I want to marry this man. I mean, if I weren't married, if I were a dude, if he weren't married...

That might be too many ifs. I'll settle for basking in his awesomeness on the Internet. :-(