A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints

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[New Orleans, February 9. Image via Getty]

NEW ORLEANS - FEBRUARY 09: Dedicated New Orleans Saints fans fill the streets and greet the team during the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Victory Parade on February 9, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Skip Bolen/Getty Images)

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I rolled in from KY just in time to ditch my car somewhere on Religious and run to meet friends- watched the parade from a window above Mulate's- dem boys were having so much fun, and the TWIRLING- my god y'all- those girls were bringin' it after 5 long cold hours- there is nothing like a New Orleans high school band for guts and perseverance! Yay kids, and thanks so much!

Number 60 on the offense float threw me a good pass, which I caught- thanks dude! I got the "you" finger point and everything- thrillsville!

Jezebels in town- come to Muses on Thursday night- if you make a "Jezebel" sign for me I'll throw you some pretties! Look for me on top of float 13- first rider, neutral ground side.

Whoo hoo Muses! Girls roll best!