On Tuesday night we witnessed the union of two Real Housewives clans that should have been crossover magic. In a way, the gathering of the Beverly Hills housewives at the home of New York housewife Bethenny Frankel was amusing, but the potential for greatness was somewhat sullied by Bethenny’s inability to not act like an ass.

While this is hardly the first time housewives have crossed paths, the main focus of the episode was whether Bethenny and new housewife Erika Girardi would get along. Bethenny laid on her trademark straightforwardness before she even met Erika. Scrolling through her Instagram Bethenny referred to her as “Barbie,” which is not wholly unfair if we’re being honest.

Their actual meeting started out pleasant enough with some tasteful rimjob jokes to set the mood. When the topic of Erkia’s music career came up, Bethenny showed why she’s paid the big reality TV money and out of nowhere started spewing completely unsolicited advice about Erika’s “brand” and the production value of her music video.


This aggressive moment harkened back to the time when Bethenny gave Sonja Morgan some tough love about her fashion line. Of course, the key difference between these conversations was that Sonja actively sought Bethenny’s advice, while Erika just wanted to enjoy her scallops and couscous.

Bethenny took to Twitter to half defend her behavior, although that’s basically what we’ve come to expect from her. And I have to tip my hat to Erika, who volleyed all of Bethenny’s digs with an icy sassiness that I attempt in my own life.


In the end, Erika got last laugh when Bethenny split her pants open trying to emulate one of Erika’s sexy onstage moves. The real winner, of course, are the viewers, because it looks like this snarkfest is going to continue into next week’s episode.

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Screenshot via Bravo.