A George Costanza-Themed Bar Has Opened in Australia

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If you’re a big Seinfeld fan who is planning a trip down under, you might want to add a place called George’s Bar to your list of must-see spots. A pair of bar owners have opened up a drinking hole completely dedicated to the character of George Costanza.


According to the Sydney Herald (via Vulture), the bar opened on New Year’s Eve in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Autographed photos and Seinfeld paste-ups will be part of the decor and a menu is based on jokes from the show. “We’ll be continually doing things and layering the theme,” co-owner and operator Dave Barrett told Fairfax Media. “When you walk in, the two front doors have two George’s quotes ‘It’s not a lie if you believe it’ and ‘Everyone must like me, I must be liked.’”

Jason Alexander responded to the news on Twitter:

The bar posted a photo on Facebook of a cocktail menu with drinks referencing memorable Seinfeld episodes, such as the “Marisa Tomei,” “The Hand Model” and “Draped in Velvet.” Hopefully they’ll add one called “The Exploding Wallet” next.

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